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Who is Eternal Glory?

The Eternal Glory podcast is comprised of Phil Gallagher, Brian Coval, and Bryant Cook — three Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts that are dedicated to the Legacy format. Between them, there are many accolades; but their passion, dedication, and love for the game have brought yet another Legacy Podcast.

Phil Gallagher

Owner of
Thraben University

Phil Gallagher is best known for his work with Death & Taxes; however, now he is more of a Legacy generalist, as he plays four different decks a week for content production purposes.

Brian Coval

YouTuber at

SCG Invi. winner, Grand Prix winner, Vintage Champ, 5 Eternal Weekend top 8’s, Vintage Super League & Pauper Premier League, and Player’s Tour competitor.

Bryant Cook

President at

Bryant Cook has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 9 Star City Games Top 8s (2 wins), as well as various high-placing finishes with Storm combo dating all the way back to the inception of Legacy.